An interactive & hands-on learning experience that helps students develop a deeper & practical understanding of
Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)


Our world needs more curious thinkers and problem solvers whose creativity and critical solving abilities can improve the world. 

We at EdgeUTech connect the imaginations and creativity of students with Engineering and Robotics courses. We believe knowledge of
Engineering and Robotics brings a deeper and practical understanding of the foundations of Science & Mathematics.

Lets make Science and Maths fun again!

Engineering & Robotics

Teach essential skills for the future that is characterized by rapid technological change. Engineering and Robotics can help children understand the real-world applications of Science, Technology, and Maths & make these subjects more interesting.


Introduce children to electronics to encourage their curiosity, allowing them to build and experiment with electronic circuits. We familiarize them to the basics of Electronics Engineering and Programming through hands-on activities that are safe and accessible to all age groups.

Engineering & Robotics Courses

Mechanical Engineering

Introducing children to the exciting world of Machines & Technology by teaching Mechanical Engineering through hands-on projects, interactive activities and encourage in depth understanding.

Mechatronics Engineering

This interdisciplinary field combines Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering,  developing a passion for Technology and Innovation at a young age and exposing children to an array of potential careers.

Game and Animation Design

Designing & Developing games help children develop  a strong foundation in Digital Media, Computer Programming, & Project Management skills, which are valuable in today’s tech-focused world.

Electronics Engineering

Let children understand how Electrical Systems work and gain hands-on experience through projects based on Mainstream Electronics and Renewable Energy. This helps to lay the foundation for future careers.

Adv. Electronics Engineering

Learning complex Electrical Systems & Advanced Technologies provide children a deeper understanding of how electronics play a role in modern society and be inspired to pursue careers in related fields.

Our Ecosystem


We strive to improve STEM Education in schools. We achieve this through Training The Trainers Program and equipping teachers with right resources. The teachers have access to Learning Management System that helps implement STEM across the board.


We believe colleges and universities play a crucial role in fostering interest and preparing high schoolers for STEM education. Through outreach programs and crash courses, the overall passion for STEM among highschoolers can be significantly improved.


With the help of corporates and industry partnerships, we prepare students to have skills that meet 21st-century job requirements. Additionally, ensure the skills and ambitions of the students can be aligned with the jobs for tomorrow.

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Teachers Learning Management System

Our mission is to bring about a meaningful change in the educational landscape and we do this by empowering educators so that they impart the right knowledge and skills to their students, thereby fostering positive transformation and creating a lasting impact.

We help teachers upskill themselves with Teachers Learning Management System (TLMS),  a comprehensive tool for managing course materials, assignments, assessments, and their progress in a centralized location. 

TLMS helps to streamline the teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students resulting in the more efficient and effective use of instructional time, as well as improved student outcomes.


Partnerships between Industry and Education do not just play a critical role in reducing the skill gap in STEM Industries 
but also help in the Company’s Promotions and Branding.

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