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We are bridging the skill gap in STEM and building a more confident and skilled future workforce through our industry partnerships and CSR activities.

EdgeUTech’s curriculum-aligned STEM programs in school enhance students’ knowledge and create interest in STEM education at an early age, but not all schools have the budget for these programs – and some students / schools can be disadvantaged as a result. Our goal is make STEM learning accessible to each and every students irrespective of the region or background. For small or regional schools, we can run STEM programs sponsored by your company. Your branding is used wherever possible, and we can run a session that focuses on your corporate’s products or services. By STEM education and industry partnerships, we can ensure that even small schools can access quality STEM learning.
Corporate events are a fantastic way to boost employee culture and loyalty. Employees can bring their kids on a given day and we’ll run a half-day or full-day session focusing on different STEM programs including robotics, coding, electronics, and VR. Kids from different backgrounds and cultures will work together to explore, design, and solve real-world problems, and have a lot of fun at the same time.
A sponsored competition brings everyone together for a common purpose – to innovate and solve problems. It’s an ideal way to create awareness and excitement around STEM in schools and the wider community. Focus is on learning, developing, and participation. Students are eager to get involved while building their confidence and gaining lifelong skills from project-based learning. Parents and teachers can provide support along the way and encourage these future-ready skills.
Some schools don’t have enough funds to support the resources needed to provide STEM learnings to their students. Corporate can sponsor the equipment and STEM kits to make the learning accessible to as many students as possible. We will ensure that these resources reach small schools or schools in remotest areas so equal opportunity is available to everyone.
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