Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It is evident that students in rural schools miss out on opportunities and learning due to insufficient infrastructure. Although knowledge of engineering concepts are hugely beneficial in preparing the kids for the future, unfortunately, not all schools have the budget for these programs so some students end up being disadvantaged as a result.

Our goal is to make STEM learning accessible to every student and through EdgeUTech’s CSR Programs,
you can make a difference. 

Sponsored STEM Programs

Sponsored School Programs
Sponsor a session for professional trainers from EdgeUTech to teach STEM concepts to children from rural schools. This program helps bridge the education gap between rural and urban areas, and empowers children with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.
Sponsored STEM Resources
Fund the provision of STEM kits to schools from regional & rural areas. We aims to facilitate access to high-quality STEM education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to acquire essential skills. By promoting equality and inclusivity in education, this initiative fosters a more equitable society.
Scholarships & Grants
Our programs are available for students who have completed 10th grade & want to pursue education in STEM-related fields. By providing financial assistance, you can help students overcome the financial burden of higher education, ensuring & that talented students can achieve their full potential and contribute to the advancement of STEM fields.
Training the Trainer
Help teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach STEM concepts to their students. By providing professional training to teachers, they are empowered with the ability to deliver engaging and impactful lessons. We aim to create a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce, contributing to the development of a more prosperous society.

How can this benefit your company?

Enchanced Reputation and brand image
Improve reputation and enhance brand image, making it more attractive to customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
Increased stakeholder engagement
Increase stakeholder engagement, such as customers, employees, and local communities, which can lead to increased loyalty and support.
Improved employee morale and retention
Create a sense of purpose and make the company a desirable place to work to improve employee morale and increase employee retention
Access to new markets and customers
Companies that engage in CSR activities can access new markets, customers, and partners who value corporate responsibility.

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