We use electricity in our everyday lives but we are still unaware of the concepts that go behind it. To every curious kid out there wondering more, we have EdgeUTech Electronics kit as an effective way to introduce them to the subject. Our kit allows children to build and experiment with electronic circuits in a hands-on way, which can help them understand and retain information better.

Teaching electronics projects in schools offers numerous benefits, including skill development, career exploration, creativity, innovation, cross-disciplinary learning, and enhanced educational training. This helps in bridging the knowledge gap between schools and colleges making it easier for students to adapt to the demands of the real world. This kit is suitable for Grade 2 – Grade 11 students.

Why Electronics?


We have created over 120 lessons designed specifically for school studies that are mapped to the Curriculum

Each lesson plan is created with the student in mind, providing descriptions tailored for the audience to ensure no one is left behind and maximum knowledge retention is enabled

Our course help students understand “how of things”. With the help of hands on experience and prctice we foster a stronger foundation.

Learning electronics has a history of being messy with wires, resistors, solder & sockets. But with our new clip-on method enables faster & safer assembly and more time learning whilst still achieving the self-satisfaction of creating circuits.

The kit has micro-controller compatibility enabling more advanced students to gain complete control over their circuit as they begin learning how to write code

With the help of learning management software, teachers can equip themselves to handle the complex subjects easily

Real-Life Applications

There are 80+ lesson plans designed for students to build their projects such as FM radio, recorder, doorbells, and much more! Each lesson plan provides detailed instructions that are easy for students to follow and make larger circuits. While creating the projects, students learn about sensors, resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits and much more!

Efficient learning experience

Learning electronics has a history of being messy with wires, resistors and sockets. Our new clip-on method enables faster assembly and more time learning whilst still achieving the self-satisfaction of creating the circuits.

Programming applications

Electronics kit comes with micro-controller that enables advance students to gain complete control over their circuit as they begin to learn to code. There are additional 40 lessons for high school students.

Renewable Energy

Renewable sources are abundant and provide clean energy. Our endeavour is to show students the collection and use of energy from renewable sources such as sunlight.

Discover and learn the use of clean renewable energy sources.

Build exciting projects such as FM Radio, Recorder, Doorbells and much more!

Learn about various electronic components and their operations.

Experiments with fast assembly, enabling maximum.

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