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The transition from school to college can be challenging for students, and it is important to prepare them for this next step in their educational journey.

Promote engineering to school students to increase enrollment of qualified engineers and enhance the skills of the college students.

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Our outreach and crash course programs enables colleges to use EdgeUTech kits to offer STEM workshops or events for local schools or community organizations. This type of outreach can help colleges enrol more qualified students build positive relationships with their communities and encourage more students to pursue STEM careers.
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Experiential learning can help students better understand complex concepts and develop a deeper appreciation for STEM fields. This will provide an opportunity to inspire young people in STEM subjects and also strengthen the knowledge of the students conducting the courses.

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Choosing Us

STEM Crash Courses
Crash courses can also help to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge acquired in school and the practical skills required in the industry.
Outreach Programs
Through outreach programs, engineering colleges can provide industry connections and mentorship opportunities for students
Teaching is Learning
Existing college/university students can teach high schoolers a few concepts in engineering. This will strengthen the fundamentals of the college students making them more qualified and efficient engineers.
Meaningful Difference
Helps students be more prepared and confident to transition from high schoolers to engineering colleges.
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