Skills to be successful in workplace have changed over the last few years but our education is lagging to develop these skills. Shortage of skills is costing corporate billions of dollars each year. STEM industries have experienced the most significant skills gap among workers.

Proposed Solution

Companies need to interact with future workforce and support the education sector to cope up with the changes. Provide information on current challenges so education providers can create content accordingly.

How skills gap hurt the companies?

What Companies Can Do?

Why partner With Us?

When the education system and corporates collaborate, it is our social & corporate responsibility to expose students to real-world contexts and challenges. We can inspire the next generation to be confident, capable and creative in solving real-world problems, gaining skills for future success. Here’s where you come in.

With this initiative, we aim to bring success to students, schools, and corporate Partnership. It’s only possible when we come together.

Endorsement & Sponsorship

We at EdgeUTech possess an extensive collection of over 100 real-world machine prototypes that we can demonstrate to children, providing hands-on education about how things work. Some of our projects include smart farms, autonomous cars, irrigation systems, smart homes, and sanitization stations.

Sponsored STEM Programs

For small or regional schools, we can run STEM programs sponsored by your company. Your branding is used wherever possible, and we can run a session that focuses on your corporate’s products or services. By STEM education and industry partnerships, we can ensure that even small schools can access quality STEM learning.

Sponsored Equipment

Some schools don’t have enough funds to support the resources needed to provide STEM learnings to their students. Corporate can sponsor the equipment and STEM kits to make the learning accessible to as many students as possible. We will ensure that these resources reach small schools or schools in remotest areas so equal opportunity is available to everyone.

Companies can showcase their commitment to education and demonstrate their support for the next generation of scientists, while we can secure funding and resources to bring our program to more communities. This collaboration helps not just to ensure that we inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers but also increase a brand popularity across the nation.

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